Dislikes how long takes to make changes..


A lot of my stories on my were posted without being read over or really.. explained, so I’m gonna go through and clean them up—possibly repost one or two that should have been posted differently.

Summer cleaning?





We posted another RP! It’s a oneshot haha. It was inspired by a picture that neither of us can find right now..


Impel Down was bad enough without the blonde stalking him in that short skirt. AU PWP.


“We found the picture!”

The zosan fandom is lucky that you're back. Anon-san missed you.

We have a new fanfiction in the work!

If you’ve read our previous story Voice of Reason you’d know that we haven’t updated in a while. I’m not sure when we are going to update that story, it will probably still be a great while since we aren’t really motivated for it—but!

We have a new RP that we’ve decided to post. And it’s one of my favorite RPs that we’ve ever done! The only twist is, that it’s a gender/sex swapped fanfiction. Which means instead of seeing Sanji you’ll be seeing Sanjiko.


It has (what I believe to be) a lovely, dramatic, emotional plot and it’s very captivating for Zoro and I! I’m not sure when it will be up, but when it is I hope at least a few of you enjoy reading it.